Regret is something which, somewhere or the other, all of us have experienced in the different stages of our lives. Some common synonyms of regret are anguish, grief and sorrow. While all these words mean "distress of mind," regret implies pain caused by deep disappointment, fruitless longing, or unavailing remorse. 

Regret is an important psychological experience that is often misunderstood.  The old adage “live life without any regrets” and the corresponding mantra “let it go” suggest, in my opinion, an oversimplified and negatively biased approach to regret.  Typically viewed as a sense of loss that arises following a mistake or poor choice, regret is considerably more complex.

Regret can be an incredibly painful emotion. While rooted in feelings of contrition, disappointment, guilt, or remorse for things that have happened in the past, such feelings can have a powerful influence over your life. 

From my perspective it's a feeling everyone should stay away from in their lives but must've experienced it in their lives. Regret is something which will teach you to value the things around you. It'll teach you the worth of things and it'll teach you the way to execute your brain in a more efficient way so that you can balance yourself in this world. 

Regret is associated with memories of our personal history linked with our imagining of what might have created a better outcome if we had done the past differently. Memories have an indefinite potential to enter our consciousness as they help inform emotions that are activated in our present lives.

I always keep on saying that all of us should try to live a regretless life but to be honest from the past few days I've been thinking about it and now I think that regret one of those feelings which makes us human a human. We gotta learn to value and know the worth of the things around us. Whether they are the feelings of the people around us, exams, money, love and respect we are getting, resources or even the other living organisms around us. 

The level of regret a person feels for the same thing varies from person to person. Best example is that if a topper loses even 1 mark in an exam, they become a scaredy cat but if a backbencher loses  even 10 marks, he won't even notice it. The way we perceive a situation varies from person to person that's why the level of regret varies too. 

Everything has a safe limit. if you consume too much sugar in your lifestyle, there's a risk that you might get diabetes. Just like that if you regret too much on a certain thing, you lose the chance to improve your present which actually matters and holds the key to improve your future. Always remember that regret is only done for something which has already happened, that is, in the past. Also remember that, regret always triggers the activation of another emotion.

Regret is of two types. You either regret on why you did it or why you didn't do it. And guess what, for shorter durations of time people regret more about the actions they did but in the long run they regret more on the actions they didn't. That's why its said that just take the step after calculating risks. Though I personally believe on taking the risk but yeah in the end the choice lies in your hands.  Just don't lose to the negativity of regret. 

There are always bad and good times, both are important. Somehow learn to use that experience from your bad days to enjoy your good days even more. Reframe your way of living mentally and physically too. Have the willingness to see things differently. Have compassion for yourself and others too. Be friendly and full of energy.

Not all opportunities are worth waiting. Some of them you just gotta jump and grab because time’s not gonna wait for you. If there’s something that you want and its gonna make you happy, take the risk!!! Because life is too short and happiness is too rare. Don’t hold back on yourself and your happiness.

I'll say that regret is the emotion of failure to live according to our ideal self.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)

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