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  Expectations Alright so, what is meant by expectations. It's a strong belief that something is gonna happen for sure. But the context in which we'll be discussing it basically means that you've got trust on people around you. We use this emotion of expecting things from people we trust always in our life. We expect so many things to happen daily, right?  On the other hand, people too have some expectations from us like our parents wants us to get good marks so that we can have a good and comparatively easy life, those beggars on the road expect us to give some money to them, shopkeepers expect us to buy more from them, businessmen want us to invest in their businesses so that they can grow. Now the other expectation is where you expect things from people, it's the most wonderful one but sometimes it becomes the most painful one too. Well by now you might've already know that people don't always act in the way you want them to and they shouldn't too. They a