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Relations With People

  Relations With People These days probably all kinds of relations are quite messed up. Let it be either friendships, family, love relations or just our relations to a fellow human being as a human ourselves. There's either something wrong with our generation or its just that we're getting held back by our thoughts.  Like so many trust issues and stuff.  In today's age you just can't know even if the friend in front of you wants good for you or not. At this time we're literally in a situation where we even try to refrain from expecting things from people. It just hurts to see people not even being able to value the whatsoever relation which exists between all of us.  See, every moment, you're representing yourself to the world. I didn't say that people are judging you or anything, atleast not everyone is. It's just that your actions  and the way you behave are always there to define you as a person. Today our generation is literally like "I am what