Relations With People

 Relations With People

These days probably all kinds of relations are quite messed up. Let it be either friendships, family, love relations or just our relations to a fellow human being as a human ourselves. There's either something wrong with our generation or its just that we're getting held back by our thoughts. Like so many trust issues and stuff. 

In today's age you just can't know even if the friend in front of you wants good for you or not. At this time we're literally in a situation where we even try to refrain from expecting things from people. It just hurts to see people not even being able to value the whatsoever relation which exists between all of us. 

See, every moment, you're representing yourself to the world. I didn't say that people are judging you or anything, atleast not everyone is. It's just that your actions  and the way you behave are always there to define you as a person. Today our generation is literally like "I am what I am, the world will change for me". NO, that's just not how the world works and neither it should ever. There's a certain baseline limit for everything which when crossed means that somewhere or the other things are not going right.

It's not that I'm supporting to held back our thoughts and actions just in the fear of being getting judged by the people around us. Never do that, always be open and do whatever you wanna do to enjoy, don't care about what others are gonna think but it's just that... just make sure that those actions of yours actually make sense and are well bound in that baseline limit.

Relationships are a cornerstone of happiness and living a full life. This is because they come with a wide array of rewards. Relationships provide us with friends and family to share our lives with and people who can help us out in tough times. They tend to bring us plenty of laughs and as a result lots of joy. 

You get bind to each other in a relation. You just find it difficult to live without each other. We have a relation for every situation. Like when we are lazy and want something to eat/drink we're gonna remember our siblings, for hangout/ trips we're gonna remember our friends and family, for educational help we're gonna remember our teachers. It's like every relation we have gets marked for the whatsoever perks they're gonna offer to us. No, I'm not saying to be selfish while making relations. 

Having expectations from people around can be fun until it starts hurting. In today's time people don't really know how to value the relations that's why somewhere or the other they fail to meet even that slightest of the expectation. Neither you can know who's just using you and is gonna backstab you anytime. I'd refer you to this for further depth into Expectations.

The most basic part where it comes down to is that the person with whom you gotta have the most strong relation is you. This, really, is the most important relationship in your life. You are the person that you spend most time with, and you will like some parts of yourself and maybe not others. You need to come to terms with who you are, be comfortable with that, and have confidence in who you are as a person. 

Also it's always fine to get yourself away from toxic people. The people who make you feel burnt out or just the people with whom you feel being forced. There actually are some people who just don't allow you to be you and in those cases its totally fine to distance yourself from them. Anyone whose behavior adds negativity and upset to your life, have the confidence to distance yourself.

Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners and they take effort and compromise from both people. There is no imbalance of power. Partners respect each other's independence, can make their own decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation, and share decisions. That's why follow up your heart to love and value whatever relations you have.

Don’t give up just because things aren’t working out for you. You gotta make them work. That’s what life is, you gotta work to make things work for you the way you want them to…

People around you affect your life a lot. Every person holds a special value in someone else’s life. The power of being able to make someone happy merely just because of your presence is too valuable. That’s why make sure to never misuse it. No matter what happens, never ever leave behind the people who actually care for you because they’re special and valuable.

It’s just us against us. There’s no need to compare yourself to someone else. Everyone in this world is built different. Everyone has a different mindset, thought process and way of doing things. That’s why no one else is your competitor, you gotta compete with yourself with an aim that yeah, I'll atleast become better than what I was yesterday. Plan out your stuff and then execute it too. Keep the hope alive as long as you are giving it your all. 

In the end, there's too much to do and learn in this world and our life might be a bit short to do so. Keep on giving yourself breaks so that you don’t burnout yourself. Spend time with yourself and your loved ones. Make many beautiful memories. Care for everyone, have a lot of friends. Enjoy this life as much as you can and keep on developing. Don’t live in regrets. Try to make the most out of your time. Know your perception of life. Love your life guys, it's the most valuable asset you’re ever going to own.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)

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