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Decision Making

  Decision Making Alright so, what's decision making? In easy language, decision making is a process or action of making a choice in some kind of situation, whether the decisions are related to your life or something else. But how do we make decisions, what things do we even consider to be able to prefer a certain decision over the other one?  Well, that stuff depends on the situation for which we are making decisions. There are too many factors to consider when making decisions. For example when buying a laptop, you gotta consider it's specifications, colours, size, battery life, processor, storage type, ram, rom, screen, keyboard, material it's made up of and most important price. Also, there are so many choices available in the market which makes it even more difficult to make a choice. In this condition you gotta decide on a laptop which provides the best balance of all these things at an acceptable price. More the choices you have, more it becomes difficult to make a d