Here you go with some stuff (pvt.01)

 Somethings I wanted to Say but couldn’t

Alright so, there were a lot of things I wanted to say on that day but I just couldn’t because you know… And like I can’t express myself completely through text but I’ll still try my best to do so. I’ll make sure to keep this reading short for you so that I don’t waste that much of your time. 

This link is private, only you can read it. I’ll start right away now. I hope I don’t weird you out but I mean the stuff I’ll be writing now. And I would request to if you can read it with some light music or some smooth music please ! I’ve written it completely raw and nothing is manipulated.

I like you as a person and I adore you for what you are and how you are. And like I wanna see our friendship grow… Saying this stuff to someone whom you’ve just talked for like a day is a bit awkward and I know that. Like if we see it practically, I am obviously being dumb here and it’s gonna be awkward for you, but emotionally I just wanted to let it out and share it with you. It has been so long since when i wanted to tell you all this…  :’)

As I said that I wanted to talk to you from quite a while but I was too shy to do so and I actually don’t know how to define it but yeah it was what it was. Somehow I’ve actually managed to talk to you now which I still can’t believe. Like seriously damn… I still keep on thinking about that day!

Also exams are coming up and obviously they’re important and I am sharing my feelings to you at such a crucial time which might feel like a distraction to you and it might actually be too. And yeah we did discuss that day that exams comes first and then this rest up stuff later (if things go good) but please I just wanted to say it out.

Currently I don’t know how you perceive life and stuff but in my case I have different viewpoints regarding things. They somewhat might or might not align with yours but yeah like that’s how things work right? Somewhat I’ll adjust for you and somewhat you might adjust for me (If things work out between us, which I’ll make sure that they do somehow…)

I don’t know how you’re reading this up till now, either with a smile on your face, with a serious face or who knows maybe with an angry one… I’d love if you’re having a smile though… Also your smile is beautiful! (Creepy I know!!!!!!!!!)

I request you… please don’t get creeped out… I actually like you quite a lot, like a lot! I don’t know if you like me or not because even on that day you didn’t tell me about how you perceive me. So I hope if you can share it with me this time, like how do you see me and my traits till now. I know it’s too early to ask but you might be having some perception of me right…?   

So like there’s still quite a lot of stuff which I wanted to say but I’ll save it up for later. It’ll be too kind of you if you can respond below in the comments with an answer. Thank you very much for staying till the end, it really means a lot !




Now… Why tf you aren’t coming to the farewell :’) 

Like it’s literally the end of our school life. It’s actually important to end those memories of school on an amazing rememberable note. Maybe its you who doesn’t want to come or either your parents aren’t allowing you to. Yaar even my parents allowed me to go for farewell. 

Farewell has been postponed to 17th April now I guess…and on 20th April is my birthday about which I was actually dead because obviously my birthday would’ve been eaten by JEE if they didn’t change the dates. Obviously it won’t be possible for you to come to my birthday even if I invited you. So like if you can somehow come for farewell, I’ll be really happy! Because it’ll fulfill for both the things somehow.

See, probably your parents aren’t allowing you to come because it isn’t an official farewell and is being hosted by students. They might be worried about the stuff we students would do when uncontrolled. So to tackle it off you might just leave a bit early because obviously things won’t go out of control in the beginning. So like you can come a bit early and leave early too. That way there won’t be any problems. 

So like if you can convince your parents because you won’t be sitting in a classroom of a school anymore as a student. This stage of your life ends here and to congratulate yourself for finishing it, I guess a farewell totally makes sense. Memories are important right :)

But if its your decision to not come to the farewell then I would kindly like to request you to reconsider your decision!  Just come : )  

That way you can farewell your school life, cherish those memories for the rest of your life and maybe make me a bit happy for my birthday too!

Ahh… I wrote it too long, I am really sorry for taking so much of your time ! Now you can reply below in the comments… Also again, it’s a private link, it’s my website. And again sorry if i creeped you out…:’)

Awaiting your reply Nishita ! 


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